How I lost 1 stone without exercising – part 1

Tight trousers. “They’re freshly washed, maybe that’s it?” I thought, squeezing into them. I undressed and tentatively stood on the scales. 11st 3lbs. OMG! I have never been that in my life! Shedding my undies (because they add weight too) I tried again. 11st 3lbs! The more accurate digital scales: 11st 3lbs! That’s too much.

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With Type 2 diabetes in my family, I don’t want to add this avoidable complaint to my ever-growing list of illnesses. A new diet it has to be. I’ve done diets in the past but I’ve also been doing sports. This time it’s different. From 40 miles of cycling and climbing 3000ft up hills I’m now limiting how many times I go up the stairs at home. I needed a new approach.

Cue frantic internet search for anything relatable. A quick google of ‘diets for the disabled’ revealed this was a calorie thing. If I eat calories, I must use them or I’ll put on weight. Got it!

I found a 12-week NHS plan: pretty easy guide with a calorie-tracking and weight loss app, with advice and meal ideas. My first task was deciding how many daily calories I can eat. It took 3 steps to figure this out:

  1. Use the BMI calculator – I was in the amber zone. I want the green zone, for a healthier BMI and reduced diabetes risk. I need to lose 1.5 stones.
  2. Calculate my calorie intake to see how much I can eat to lose weight. The BMI calculator computes 1449 to 1863 kcals.
  3. Guessing an amount I used the first week as a trial. I lost a whopping 4lbs but sticking to 1450 was severe – I ended up weak and dizzy. I upped it to a safer 1700.

Target set, I’m ready to begin.

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