A Day In The Life Of M.E – A Poem

I sit in silence; my brain kicks in
How did I get here in life?
Not going anywhere, not doing too much
As my illness gives me strife

My every day seems simple
I sit, I read, I watch TV and sometimes like to write
I don’t spend long out of the house
For my energy is slight

Most of my day I feel drowsy and rest is all I seek
I enjoy a plod with our cheeky dog
But don’t plan much past the same week

I like to meet new people
But don’t ask me what I do
It fills me with great angst
I know you’ll judge me too

You sit and laugh with me and we set the world to rights
But then you had to quiz me
About not working, to you I look alright

You only knew me a short time
And you think you know my life
You will never know the suffering
The exhaustion day and night
My weakness as I try to walk, my inability to talk
Loss of thinking, loss of focus, loss of erm…what’s that word again?

I enjoyed your company in part
But then I saw your different light
You forget we’re all just human
So different in our own right

You disrespected me and left your manners behind
But don’t worry once you’ve left here
You’re out of sight, out of mind

I sit in silence my brain kicks in
Thoughts running through my head
When will I make it out again?
What ventures lie ahead?

Maybe meet a better person
Someone caring, someone kind, someone true
But for now I rest, relax, find calm
Daydreaming over a brew.

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