New Years Resolution

Here we are, New Year is upon us. Christmas decorations are hanging by a thread and we’re all a little bit fatter. As I slump my body down, I start thinking about what 2022 has in store.

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This year, I’m making a New Year’s resolution. I want to commit to less nagging. Hooray! (I hear my partner cry). But seriously, I have started to fixate on the smallest things that I can no longer do myself. I have grown impatient. So, I pledge to be less of a nag.

I believe everyone can improve their life in some way. It could be to help yourself or help someone else. Maybe you want to de-clutter? Break big tasks down. There are 365 days in the year, removing one piece of clutter each day is 365 items removed. Want to cut back on screen time? Free your mind with 2 hours less each day which is 14 hours less, every week. How about starting a diet? Loosing 1lb each week, over 52 weeks, is about 3.5 stone. That’s huge and you’d feel amazing.

The one thought that got me studying again at age 35 was ‘’I’m going to be 40, so I may as well be 40 with a degree’’. That was it. I took the plunge. I got my degree and it gave me a huge boost. The same thought applies to smaller things too. Try thinking ‘’I’m going into next week so I may as well go into it with: a tidier desk; being kinder or eating less crisps”.

I may be too unwell to work now but I do not regret getting my degree. If making one change can make you feel happier, then it’s a no brainer. “You’re going into 2022 anyway, so you may as well go into with … “. You decide.

Good Luck.

Let me know your ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear your New Year’s resolutions.

Jacqui x

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