How I lost 1 stone without exercising – part 4 – keep going.

12 weeks felt like a long wait for results but when I lost weight in the first week, I proved to myself it’s doable. Psychology teaches ‘Goal Setting’ to keep focus. I used short-term, medium-term and long-term goals as stepping stones to my target. Here’s how:

Firstly, losing 1-2 lbs each week is best. My targets depended on what my social plans were. A quiet week was 2lbs in the week (no visits = no excuse for cake!) and a busy week would be 1lbs.

Short-term goal = to lose 1lbs after week 1.

Medium-term goal = to lose 5lbs after week 4.

Long-term goal = to lose 14lbs (1stone) after week 12.

Top tip: Be realistic and put a time scale to it. Setting my goals too low means I wouldn’t try, too high and I am disappointed if I don’t succeed. Reaching the goal, keeps the motivation levels highest.

Seeing the weight drop is what drove my motivation and determination to keep going. However, it wasn’t all easy. Life throws its curve balls and I did have a couple of bad weeks. A spontaneous meal with friends, plus a take-away in the same week, meant I put 1lb on. The horror! But I did not fret, what’s done is done. I just reset my goals.

Top tip: Didn’t reach a goal? Be flexible and don’t be hard on yourself. Just start a fresh!

Reaching my goal, was a relief. No more weighing, no more counting calories. Wrong! I still weigh myself, just not every week. I allow myself to put on 7lbs, any more means I will have to be strict again.

For me, this diet helped me form better eating habits. It is my new ‘normal’ and something my future self will thank me for.

Jacqui x

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