Health update

I’ve been pretty wiped out this month. It took a full week of cleaning and tidying to prep for my mother’s 70th birthday. The family all had a great time, but it took its toll. It was then the dreaded ladies’ week and this time I just couldn’t get moving. My brain malfunctioned; I didn’t know what I wanted at any one time. Money Heist on Netflix was my saviour. I couldn’t get enough of all the action and plans the Professor had made to get out of the worst scenarios. Very clever, loved it!

In other news…yesterday Boris announced that legal restrictions for covid 19 will be lifted as of Thursday this week. I admit I am a teeny bit worried. I do wonder how my body will cope if Covid were to hit it, especially with having asthma and especially since I already suffer from chronic fatigue. But I have had my 3 vaccinations, I take daily Vitamin D and my diet is as pretty healthy, so I feel I’m doing the best for myself. Plus, chronic illness groups on Facebook show it seems to vary from person to person. It is all very unpredictable. So, I can only cross the Covid19 bridge if I come to it. If I am well enough to go out, I will bloody well enjoy myself.

AND…Amantadine seems to have reduced my fatigue by maybe 20%, which isn’t much, but it does mean I can walk, do some tasks for a bit longer before PEM kicks in. My muscle spasms have reduced by about 70% so I hardly notice them during the day now and I have not had any watery tingling in my arms or feet at all. And the best thing is there are no side effects.

A welcome relief.

Jacqui x

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