Health Update

I had a Lumber Puncture today. This is where they put a needle in your spine and drain out some cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF). It is the last test before they can 100% rule out MS. The procedure was fine, the only discomfort was the needle for the anesthetic going in but that only lasted a few seconds. I’m very groggy and have back ache now so currently laid in bed writing this. Electric blanket on…bliss!

Results are in 2 – 3 weeks. I’ve mixed feelings. While I don’t want MS, I can’t help but feel at least that condition has treatment and very successful treatment. My uncle was diagnosed with MS in his 30s and went on to live a full life and career so I know there’s a bright future. However, I also know there’s a darker side too and many people struggle with MS as their symptoms are much worse and many are in wheelchairs. That’s a bit scary.

A full diagnosis of ME isn’t exactly great either. I mean I just can’t imagine living this half a life for the rest of my days. I’m luckily I can get outside but that doesn’t mean one day I won’t end up bed ridden like some. I know nor does it mean I won’t get better either but the future with ME just seems so unknown. Like a bottomless pit of questions and ‘what if’ uncertainties. I do think there will be treatment for ME in the future, maybe in the next 5 years, but nothing is certain.

Well it’s another waiting game for now. I’ll be back with an update. I’m going to sleep now. I’ve ordered a brew in bed off my partner for later. I guess today isn’t all that bad.

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