Health Update

Well I’ve had a rough week. Monday after the Lumber Puncture test I sat up in bed and got the worst headache I’ve ever felt. It was like being hit over the head by a glass bottle. Then came the queasiness. Wow I felt ill. I was pretty much horizontal most of the week as any moving just made the pain worse. The aftercare leaflet says this is normal for 1 in 10 people. Why does it always have to be me? (sigh) It also says symptoms should reduce after 72 hours. Well it did not! or at least it didn’t until 111 referred me to A & E and then my headache miraculously disappeared for most of my 3 hours with them. I mean why does that happen? As soon as my body gets a whiff of a hospital it becomes well. Maybe I should carry a healthcare worker in my pocket so I’ll never be unwell again. Anyway, It’s taken until Sunday for my headache to go and me to feel back to my usual state of wellness. Thank heavens that’s over!

Now that I’m back to my normal my next blog is coming soon too.

Jacqui x

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