A new challenge ahead

Most days when I wake up, I get up mid-morning slowly making my way to the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth. I rest. I then get dressed. I rest. I brush my hair then head downstairs. I rest. Sometimes this works and I avoid a crash. When I do too much, my body becomes weak, my limbs ache and I start to become grouchy with exhaustion. It’s at this point I retire to bed for relief from the uncomfortable lump my body becomes.

So why is it when I need to be somewhere that I can suddenly manage to get through my day without this crash? Apparently, it’s the adrenalin and cortisol levels in the body which are changed when we are stimulated. I admit when I’m doing something like socialising, I do feel weary, can slur my words and often need to sit down but I push through knowing full well I can rest later. It’s as though I’m delaying the inevitable. The same goes for everything I do. I’m constantly spaced out, feel weak and every movement is a huge effort as I huff and puff myself through the day. I guess this could explain post external malaise, an ME symptom where a crash follows in the days after exercise. Lately though this chemical effect has surpassed all expectations.

It excites me (not too much as I’ll become over stimulated and crash later, ha!) to tell you that recently I have been hiking up some big hills. You see I’ve committed to a sponsored dog walk up Helvellyn. Therefore, my next blog is a series about preparation for this and how I have managed my illness during training.

I hope you find it interesting.

Jacqui x

I’m fundraising for Saving Saints and St Bernard and Big Paws Rescue UK. This charity frees dogs from abuse, neglect and meat trades. They care for, seek fostering and rehome these dogs to which they are in need of funding to continue their amazing work. If you would like to sponsor me, please use this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Jac41

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