I’ve found my inner Sloth

Scurry to the kitchen. Scurry upstairs. Scampering away getting jobs done. I’ve been over doing it and now I’ve been told to stop and ‘pace’, by the CFS Clinic. But stopping is so hard; I want to get jobs done while I’m well. Hmm, it got me thinking. Slowing down, taking lots of breaks and doing only what needs to be done? Lightbulb moment… I need to be like a Sloth!

Think about it…Sloths lack nutrition so use as little energy as they can to get through their day. Sloths move slowly and deliberately, using little muscle strength to save energy. They also take lots of naps. Ok, so I wouldn’t want to be half deaf, half blind, live up a tree and eat leaves, but moving slowly and gently through my day sounds good.

”A sloth doesn’t eat more but moves less” David Attenborough (YouTube, 2009). (Image: Pexels.com)

This is what I did:

Week 1 – Limit high energy tasks to 2 or 3 per day and/or reduce my time on each task.

Week 2 – Rest, I mean really rest… listen to calming music, watch a mindful moment, meditate or just rest in absolute silence. I shower, I rest. I do a puzzle, I rest. I make lunch, I rest. I’ve become rest obsessed, ha!

I mean, something this cute, can’t be wrong.
(Photo: Peapix.com)

Week 3 – Switch between physical and mental tasks.

Week 4 – Reduce screen time. My phone is upstairs in the day and away from my room when insomnia hits.

Week 5 – Improve my sleep pattern. I go to bed up to an hour earlier and wind down ready for sleeping.

Pacing isn’t easy. My mind wants to do things my body can’t, and I get very restless. But I haven’t crashed into bed for over 3 weeks, yay! So, I must embrace my inner Sloth and continue life at a slower pace.

Maybe you could find your inner Sloth and see if it helps your symptoms too.

I hope so.

Jacqui xx

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