Month of Mondays

I hit down to earth with a mighty bang after Christmas and New Year. Staying with family, catching up with friends, the drinks, the food, the fun. I had a great time. Then I came home and it was deathly quiet. Christmas decorations being down, the house was bare and empty, I felt empty. January is a difficult month and every morning I had the blues. Facing having to drag my tired, heavy body through each day felt too hard. This was no good for me, I had to shake this feeling off. I needed something to look forward to. Thoughts turned to the summer. I decided to plan a holiday.

We had already agreed a family break with the parents so I set about looking up places to visit. Somewhere new this time. It took days find the right cottage for five people and one dog, but we finally settled on a place in Bakewell, the Peak District. None of us have been before. A pretty market town with a few shops, cafes and more importantly, pubs that allow dogs. Perfect! Now, that’s given me a boost.

Motivation revived, I ponder what I can do next, noticing our very green bedroom is actually rather bland. That’s it, I decide, it needs a revamp! It needs a second colour. Pink, it needs pink! I excitedly scroll pink and green bedrooms for the best match and begin styling our new look with cushions, wall art and light fittings…and there it is, the start of my next little project to tuck into.

Distraction from negative thoughts has been important for me mentally. Having little projects of things to look up and plan for gives me something to look forward to…and it’s this which keeps me looking forward.

Jacqui x

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