Health update

So today I had a consultation with the Neurologist who, due to my Lumber spine test results being clear, has ruled out MS for me and has verbally confirmed CFS/ME. I’m relieved I don’t have MS as I know it can be a nasty illness but I also know I now face an uncertain future.… Continue reading Health update

Caring for my carer

8pm Wednesday night my partner announced he was off to bed. Uh oh, he never goes to bed this early. Somethings wrong? Headache, temperature, bad stomach…yes, he’s sick! My mind races in a whirl of apprehension: I’ll have to cook; wash up; I’ll have to see he is ok; take extra trips upstairs with drinks… Continue reading Caring for my carer

Be nurtured by nature: outdoors or indoors.

Fatigue means I struggle with sensory overload. I often watch ‘mindful moment’ video clips. The soothing sounds of babbling brooks and tuneful song birds coupled with countryside views slowly rolling by. This connection to nature really helps me rest. Fascinated, I looked up some psychology and found some great ways nature helps us, outdoors and… Continue reading Be nurtured by nature: outdoors or indoors.

Happy Anniversary …not!

This month marks 2 years since I was labelled with chronic fatigue. So, what’s changed?… Well, I still wake up every day feeling like I should be going to bed. I’m endlessly exhausted and weak. I constantly yawn and breathe heavy when I move about. On a morning my brain craves for stimulation, mainly internet… Continue reading Happy Anniversary …not!

Health Update

Well I’ve had a rough week. Monday after the Lumber Puncture test I sat up in bed and got the worst headache I’ve ever felt. It was like being hit over the head by a glass bottle. Then came the queasiness. Wow I felt ill. I was pretty much horizontal most of the week as… Continue reading Health Update

Health Update

I had a Lumber Puncture today. This is where they put a needle in your spine and drain out some cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF). It is the last test before they can 100% rule out MS. The procedure was fine, the only discomfort was the needle for the anesthetic going in but that only lasted a… Continue reading Health Update

Tired but wired

When my energy runs out, the effect on my brain is immense. I refer to ‘my brain’ in third person as I feel this symptom is out of my control. My brain starts to error. I become restless. I try to relax but my brain searches for something to dig into: a Sudoku; a crime… Continue reading Tired but wired

Health update

I’ve been pretty wiped out this month. It took a full week of cleaning and tidying to prep for my mother’s 70th birthday. The family all had a great time, but it took its toll. It was then the dreaded ladies’ week and this time I just couldn’t get moving. My brain malfunctioned; I didn’t… Continue reading Health update

Lunchtime Laugh

This morning I switched the Kettle on and walked away to sit back down. Next thing I thought…what’s that noise? Is it raining? I looked outside. No, it’s sunny. So what is it? I look around. Oh, It’s the kettle I just switched on!


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