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  • 10 Things I do to boost my mood
    It’s autumn and daylight is dwindling, even before the clocks change back. The temptation to snuggle up in bed all day while the rain pours outside is getting harder to resist. I feel even more lethargic and my body shrieks at every attempt I make to come out from under the covers into the cold. […]
  • Lunchtime laugh
    This is me replying to my friend who’s asking what Kendal Mint cake is. It’s another example of classic brain fog. I mean who can’t remember Everest? Ha.
  • 10 Things that made my weekend away more crazy and less hazy.
    It took 8 months (yes specifically 8, I checked the chat history) to plan and book a weekend away with friends. We all missed celebrating our 40th birthdays together during lockdown so it was well worth the wait, plus there were many deliberations among the 8 of us, and that kept us somewhat ‘entertained’ in […]


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