I’ve found my inner Sloth

Scurry to the kitchen. Scurry upstairs. Scampering away getting jobs done. I’ve been over doing it and now I’ve been told to stop and ‘pace’, by the CFS Clinic. But stopping is so hard; I want to get jobs done while I’m well. Hmm, it got me thinking. Slowing down, taking lots of breaks and… Continue reading I’ve found my inner Sloth

How I climbed a mountain with M.E

I often struggle to walk up the road. So how is it that I can suddenly hike up Helvellyn? Well, there’s a few obvious, to me, reasons why: 1) My body has endured pedalling mountain bikes up big hills every week for over 15 years, so I still have some strength from this. 2) Good… Continue reading How I climbed a mountain with M.E

Sponsored dog walk (3) – It was like a horror film

AP had work but rather than miss out, we squeezed in a final walk one afternoon. With a height of 1100ft and just under 7 miles, a loop over Loughrigg Fell was our next goal. I tried to rest as much as I could during that day. I spread out my meals, so I was… Continue reading Sponsored dog walk (3) – It was like a horror film

Sponsored dog walk (2) – This happened, and I got worried.

With an elevation of 1543ft and a little over 6 miles, half that of Helvellyn, Wansfell Pike was our next target. It was a Saturday, and with all kids being back to school, we looked forward to a quiet, almost deserted, day out. Ha! Yeah right. We were less than 10 minutes out of Ambleside… Continue reading Sponsored dog walk (2) – This happened, and I got worried.

Sponsored dog walk (1) – How I trained with M.E/CFS

Over the past 3 years I’ve mostly walked on flat terrain while the dog plods slowly beside me. Occasionally I’ve managed longer walks with sit down breaks, but it comes with sacrificing a few days to recover. The chosen route up Helvellyn is 3600ft of ascending at a distance of 9.3 miles. That’s ten times… Continue reading Sponsored dog walk (1) – How I trained with M.E/CFS

Health update – CFS Clinic

Great news! I now have written diagnosis and I’ve been accepted into the CFS Clinic in Preston. Yay! Initially I was asked to describe my average day and given chance to ask any questions. Well, I had a world of questions bursting to come out and wondered how prepared the Nurse was for this flood… Continue reading Health update – CFS Clinic

A new challenge ahead

Most days when I wake up, I get up mid-morning slowly making my way to the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth. I rest. I then get dressed. I rest. I brush my hair then head downstairs. I rest. Sometimes this works and I avoid a crash. When I do too much, my body… Continue reading A new challenge ahead

One year on

I’ve been blogging for 1 year now and I’m happy to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I thank you all for following me and really hope you gain from my experiences. It’s been a while since my last post so today is a brief catch up of my summer. A family break in Keswick meant… Continue reading One year on

The power of the Sunflower

I took the plunge and bought a Sunflower lanyard last week. I was against buying one initially. I mean, if I’m out and about it’s because I’m well enough to do what I need to do and then come home so who needs to know about my health? Well, then I had an awkward experience… Continue reading The power of the Sunflower

Caring for my carer

8pm Wednesday night my partner announced he was off to bed. Uh oh, he never goes to bed this early. Somethings wrong? Headache, temperature, bad stomach…yes, he’s sick! My mind races in a whirl of apprehension: I’ll have to cook; wash up; I’ll have to see he is ok; take extra trips upstairs with drinks… Continue reading Caring for my carer