How I climbed a mountain with M.E

I often struggle to walk up the road. So how is it that I can suddenly hike up Helvellyn? Well, there’s a few obvious, to me, reasons why: 1) My body has endured pedalling mountain bikes up big hills every week for over 15 years, so I still have some strength from this. 2) Good… Continue reading How I climbed a mountain with M.E

Sponsored dog walk (4) – Helvellyn, part 1: We did it in what time?

The day had arrived! Forecast was a mix of showers and sun with a bitter -1 at the summit. After a short introduction to meet our fellow walkers, chat quickly turned to the weather and reassuringly everyone was well equipped with waterproofs, woollies, first aid kits, torches plus we had enough food to stay up… Continue reading Sponsored dog walk (4) – Helvellyn, part 1: We did it in what time?

Health update – CFS Clinic

Great news! I now have written diagnosis and I’ve been accepted into the CFS Clinic in Preston. Yay! Initially I was asked to describe my average day and given chance to ask any questions. Well, I had a world of questions bursting to come out and wondered how prepared the Nurse was for this flood… Continue reading Health update – CFS Clinic

A new challenge ahead

Most days when I wake up, I get up mid-morning slowly making my way to the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth. I rest. I then get dressed. I rest. I brush my hair then head downstairs. I rest. Sometimes this works and I avoid a crash. When I do too much, my body… Continue reading A new challenge ahead

A morning among the Cumbrian hills

It was 8pm and my partner announced he wanted to do a bike ride at Cumbria in the morning. We sometimes have a day where he goes off cycling and I walk the dog. This would be fine only I’m still tired from a weekend with family and can’t function to make any decision. I… Continue reading A morning among the Cumbrian hills