Another phenomenon

As if having the widely misunderstood illness of ME/CFS isn’t bad enough, add in Raynaud’s Phenomenon, and life can get trickier. I was 19 when diagnosed with Raynaud’s. Seeing the GP about another issue, he noticed my two-toned hands (white on the backs with bright red fingers) that’s Raynaud’s disease, he announced. He made a quick… Continue reading Another phenomenon

Sponsored dog walk (4) – Helvellyn, part 1: We did it in what time?

The day had arrived! Forecast was a mix of showers and sun with a bitter -1 at the summit. After a short introduction to meet our fellow walkers, chat quickly turned to the weather and reassuringly everyone was well equipped with waterproofs, woollies, first aid kits, torches plus we had enough food to stay up… Continue reading Sponsored dog walk (4) – Helvellyn, part 1: We did it in what time?

A new challenge ahead

Most days when I wake up, I get up mid-morning slowly making my way to the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth. I rest. I then get dressed. I rest. I brush my hair then head downstairs. I rest. Sometimes this works and I avoid a crash. When I do too much, my body… Continue reading A new challenge ahead

Health update – Amantadine

I interrupt my Diet series with a short note to say I’ve started a new medication. The Neurologist has prescribed me with Amantadine 100mg twice a day. Amantadine is a drug used for Parkinsons but also it helps with fatigue for people with MS. So it could maybe help my fatigue?? Fingers crossed for something… Continue reading Health update – Amantadine