How I lost 1 stone without exercising – part 1

Tight trousers. “They’re freshly washed, maybe that’s it?” I thought, squeezing into them. I undressed and tentatively stood on the scales. 11st 3lbs. OMG! I have never been that in my life! Shedding my undies (because they add weight too) I tried again. 11st 3lbs! The more accurate digital scales: 11st 3lbs! That’s too much.… Continue reading How I lost 1 stone without exercising – part 1

New Years Resolution

Here we are, New Year is upon us. Christmas decorations are hanging by a thread and we’re all a little bit fatter. As I slump my body down, I start thinking about what 2022 has in store. This year, I’m making a New Year’s resolution. I want to commit to less nagging. Hooray! (I hear… Continue reading New Years Resolution