Lunchtime laugh

This is me replying to my friend who’s asking what Kendal Mint cake is. It’s another example of classic brain fog. I mean who can’t remember Everest? Ha.

10 Things that made my weekend away more crazy and less hazy.

It took 8 months (yes specifically 8, I checked the chat history) to plan and book a weekend away with friends. We all missed celebrating our 40th birthdays together during lockdown so it was well worth the wait, plus there were many deliberations among the 8 of us, and that kept us somewhat ‘entertained’ in […]

Lunchtime Laugh

This morning, I literally could not understand why my partner had put the milk in the cupboard under the sink… he’s not even in the house! That’s brain fog.

Letting Loose

As soon as my partner told me we were going out for a meal with friends on Saturday night, I tried to stay calm. This is a good thing. Something to look forward to. Something I have been longing for. It was no good, my worrying mind dominated my thoughts. Since lockdown lifted, I had […]

My lockdown love affair

When lockdown hit, I was in the best position. Unable to go anywhere, unable to see friends, unable to go out in the car. Being unwell this was my new normal, but now everyone was with me. I was under no pressure to keep up appearances, there was nowhere I needed to be, no-one coming […]

Lunchtime Laugh

This morning I woke up in my usual haze. In my restlessness, I started to scroll social media and came across a fitness ad. It was a guy doing planks. ”Ooh I can do planks!” I thought to myself, forgetting for a moment that I haven’t actually done one for years. My brain seemed to […]

A morning among the Cumbrian hills

It was 8pm and my partner announced he wanted to do a bike ride at Cumbria in the morning. We sometimes have a day where he goes off cycling and I walk the dog. This would be fine only I’m still tired from a weekend with family and can’t function to make any decision. I […]

Illness can impact our mind but can our mind impact our illness?

Watching the Olympics these past two weeks got me thinking. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, this year’s athletes were competing under very odd circumstances. With limited crowds and fans, how is this affecting their performance? Are they less motivated? Are they under less pressure? What is going through their mind? Then of course I realised […]

Lunchtime Laugh

While sat watching a quiz show the topic of ‘guess the dog breed’ came up… I insist, these are definitely dog breeds!

Lessons in love

For a few weeks there, I was getting very much stuck in my own head. Every time I spoke to my partner it was a grumble about how bad I felt or telling him my latest worry. Every time I opened my mouth out came another moan like “I’m tired”, “my legs ache”, “I’m agitated” […]


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