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  • Another phenomenon
    As if having the widely misunderstood illness of ME/CFS isn’t bad enough, add in Raynaud’s Phenomenon, and life can get trickier. I was 19 when diagnosed with Raynaud’s. Seeing the GP about another issue, he noticed my two-toned hands (white on the backs with bright red fingers) that’s Raynaud’s disease, he announced. He made a quick… Continue reading Another phenomenon
  • Month of Mondays
    I hit down to earth with a mighty bang after Christmas and New Year. Staying with family, catching up with friends, the drinks, the food, the fun. I had a great time. Then I came home and it was deathly quiet. Christmas decorations being down, the house was bare and empty, I felt empty. January… Continue reading Month of Mondays
  • I’ve found my inner Sloth
    Scurry to the kitchen. Scurry upstairs. Scampering away getting jobs done. I’ve been over doing it and now I’ve been told to stop and ‘pace’, by the CFS Clinic. But stopping is so hard; I want to get jobs done while I’m well. Hmm, it got me thinking. Slowing down, taking lots of breaks and… Continue reading I’ve found my inner Sloth


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