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  • Happy Holidays
    This month was our a family trip to Bakewell in Derbyshire, a small market town with shops, cafes and good choice of pubs set in the most gorgeous countryside. I usually need a holiday from my holiday but this time was different, it was much more restful. So here’s my tips for an easier time… Continue reading Happy Holidays
  • Another phenomenon
    As if having the widely misunderstood illness of ME/CFS isn’t bad enough, add in Raynaud’s Phenomenon, and life can get trickier. I was 19 when diagnosed with Raynaud’s. Seeing the GP about another issue, he noticed my two-toned hands (white on the backs with bright red fingers) that’s Raynaud’s disease, he announced. He made a quick… Continue reading Another phenomenon
  • Month of Mondays
    I hit down to earth with a mighty bang after Christmas and New Year. Staying with family, catching up with friends, the drinks, the food, the fun. I had a great time. Then I came home and it was deathly quiet. Christmas decorations being down, the house was bare and empty, I felt empty. January… Continue reading Month of Mondays


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